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RSC is a flooring and kitchen designer in Oakville, committed to delivering unmatched services to clients in Burlington. We’re a brand that understands that the kitchen is an inevitable part of any home, and deserves to look best. Our most discerning team knows how to make any kitchen come alive in aesthetics, modern designs, and flooring installation.

Servicing the whole of Burlington, RSC has built an evergreen reputation for reliable kitchen designing and flooring services. Our unmatched portfolio of quality floor tiles offers our clients with elegant options they can’t get anywhere else. We take flooring in Burlington to another level, ensuring that we make the space of all our clients stand out.

We’re not just modern kitchen designers and floor installers; we’re official suppliers of quality tiles that stand the test of time and heavy usage. Ranging from natural stones to porcelain and ceramic tiles, RSC has all it takes to supply any tile design for your space. We source and handpick the best quality tiles that go in line with our expert service, so the final delivery exceeds your expectations. 

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Reliable Kitchen Designers

Trusted Flooring Service in Oakville

Quality And Durable Tiling Service

We’re Your Best Choice Kitchen Designers In Oakville

When it comes to kitchen designing, our brand name rings a bell, and our expertise speaks for us. We place our customers’ interests as a priority, and we work to maintain our value and mission. That’s why many homes in Oakville choose us for their kitchen improvement services.

At RSC, we believe that no two kitchen designing projects are the same; what works for a house might not work perfectly for another home and client. This is why our versatility is beyond the ordinary, and we strive to understand each project details and deliver beyond customer expectation, whether it’s floor tiles installations, flooring, cabinet design or installation. We’re committed to delivering bespoke service to each of our clients.

We house team members who have a wealth of experience in kitchen designing. Ranging from our consultants to our managing personnel and on-site workers, we ensure that every member of our team knows and understands our philosophy of service, and are experienced. RSC helps you select the perfect materials for your kitchen designs, as well help you install them.

At RSC Inc, we share a service philosophy that advocates every client must be satisfied before we claim that we’ve completed our service. So, when we work, we go far and beyond to ensure that our clients are satisfied with their kitchen designs, flooring, tiles and cabinetry before we leave. We’re not just about completing your projects and leaving, but our reputation and your satisfaction.

With several completed flooring in Burlington and kitchen designs, we know how to handle your projects. Our experience and passion for aesthetic kitchen designs, and above all, our affordable services make us stand out from other kitchen designers in Oakville. Do you want to give your new or existing kitchen a modern, and custom design? Come into RSC and let us make your dreams realities.

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