Professional Oakville Kitchen Designers

RSC is your Oakville kitchen designers provider with the ultimate goal of connecting your appetite to a gorgeous kitchen. Designing or installation of a kitchen goes beyond appliances and cabinets; it’s is more about opening your world to new connections, pathways and experiences with your family. When you have a wonderful kitchen, you’ll have a wonderful life!

Getting a kitchen is more than just making choices on units and appliances. Customizing the space, cabinetry and vanities to suit your style and needs is also an important part of the whole process. When you need a style that impresses your mind, RSC is there to offer free kitchen design advice that is straightforward and simple. Whether you need a simple kitchen for the whole family to have delicious meals or a custom space that can accommodate dinner parties, RSC kitchen design experts in Oakville are always ready to turn your imagination into reality.

If you are interested in knowing more about our expert kitchen design service, we are also eager to hear from you. No matter where you are based in Oakville, we are ready to serve you. We have kitchen showrooms to wow at our rich experience.

Best Kitchen Cabinets in Oakville & Burlington, ON

Getting custom Kitchen cabinetry in Oakville is one thing many people desire. It’s an important decision that usually determines the style and tone of your Kitchen installation project. If you’re aiming for remodeling, the right cabinetry that captures your taste and budget is central to the whole project. RSC carries many customized cabinetry options to any part of Oakville. We offer current and classic styling, great quality, and unlimited options at customizing and have responsive and sound customer service. Our impeccable craftsmanship, exclusive selections and streamlined customer service make us the top Oakville Kitchen Installation provider.

Though it can an exciting task, getting a perfect design can take a toll on your patience. Why not hire the experts? With affordable charges, RSC can make custom Kitchen cabinetry for your home in Oakville. Our team is passionate about your love for custom vanities; such that we will provide stylish custom cabinetry that creates a feeling of elegance and calm. As top Oakville Kitchen vanities professionals, we continue to strive to ensure your kitchen installation is fun and interesting.

RSC works closely with vendors, contractors, architects, interior designers, and real estate agents. Our partnership with industry professionals in Oakville kitchen installation and our experience will avail you with the expertise and magic touch you want.

Why we are the best! 

Why We Are The Best


We know you’re in love with a kitchen layout and appearance that looks personal to you; you’ll marvel at our stunning worktops, unique storage concepts and lovely lighting

Made To Order

Our main goal is your satisfaction. All your requirements are completely adhered to. We design everything around you.

Efficient Installation

RSC installers are approved and have several years of experience. We ensure the perfect and efficient installation of your kitchen quickly.

Smart Design

Because this is what we are focused on, we are experts in it. We are in tune with current technologies, trends and design concepts. We use 3D technology to provide a nice outlook of what your kitchen would look like.