Despite claims by Idaho parents that their son’s neighbor was the murderer, he denies being guilty of the crime.


In the wake of recent disturbing attacks, some rumors have emerged that a neighbor of the slain University of Idaho students was responsible for the killings. However, to date, no evidence has been discovered to link the neighbor with the murders.

Comments coming from former President Reagan’s White House administration, head of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives John Jeffcoat, and many others are contradictory in nature to the ongoing investigation into the fatal stabbing of four University of Idaho students on November 13th by police officers.

Jeremy Reagan, a neighbor to the four students fatally stabbed, insisted during an interview with CourtTV on Tuesday that he has nothing to hide and is willing to give DNA, fingerprints and anything else they need.

The recent comments attributed to me have shifted the focus. I feel like people are – and I’m not telling you what to think, do whatever you want – but I feel like people are now more focused on my mannerisms, which is natural for an introvert like me. It’s the way I talk and just a few of the things I do with my hands.

The FBI’s Thomas O’Connor said last week during an interview that identifying the specific weapon could help police close in on a possible suspect.

“If you’ve got knives, there’s going to be thousands of Cutco kitchen knives in the area. If you’ve got a Ka-Bar, you’ll likely have less people who have those, and they’ll be fewer people who’ve bought them,” he previously told Newsweek. “So, when you go hunting stores or military surplus stores, I’d hope that someone says ‘Hey this person came in here three weeks ago and purchased one of these knives.’ It would help if they know what type of weapon it is and whether it’s a common household appliance.”

Madison Mogen was laughing with friends on the night she was killed, according to a classmate of one of her slain classmates.

Using DNA to help identify the killer of a four-year old and three adults would be a nightmare.

After the recent mass murder committed by a teenaged Idaho high school student, it has been termed that the murders may have been “fantasy-driven homicide.”

In order to find out if Idaho police are running out of time to find students’ killer, they will investigate the case.

On Wednesday evening, the Moscow Tattoo Market was rocked by a terrorist attack. The attackers opened fire on a queue of people waiting for their tattoo appointments.

The Moscow Police Department, as well as the Russian Prosecutor General Vladimir Ustinov were reached for comment.